Native American Flutes By JP Gomez.

Heartsong Flutes offers one of a kind Professional quality wooden contemporary Flutes, Custom musical hand made instruments  & contemporary carved, inlay designs,  unique inlay one of a kind flute styles, exotic Carved Inlay Drone & Flutes hand crafted by JP Gomez from Sedona Arizona.
Large variety of unique Flutes and Museum quality Flutes used by professional Flautist from around the world.
Heartsong flutes have found home with world reknown musicians including Grammy nominated & Nammy winner Native American Flute player Mary Youngblood, Grammy winner Douglas Spotted Eagle, Kevin Locke, Rita Coolidge, Chris Spheeris, Native American Flute player Charles Littleleaf to name a few 
This site also features Beautiful Flute music samples and Flute Links.

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