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"Hello JP and flute spirits,

I hope everyone is well. Vicky and I have been on the go for quite some time
now, on a non-stop marathon for the past few weeks, which have taken me away
from the listserv.

We just returned home from a weekend performance held in Portland, Oregon,
so Vicky and I are checking emails as we speak, realizing that some of you
have been trying to get in touch with us while we were gone. And, in the
midst of this, we have just discovered winning a JP Gomez flute in the
raffle. What a wonderful surprise to come home to.

JP, I have heard nothing but good things about your flutes, especially from
my friend, Spot, who swears by them, and also by many others who have
experienced your gift. Needless to say, we are looking forward to playing
one crafted by you and Vicky and I, both, thank you for this opportunity. We
are also glad to hear of the other winners that we share in these winnings.
Congratulations to all of you.

JP, I will soon be sharing this instrument of yours with people from
different countries, as we are about to embark on a United Kingdom tour the
entire month of April, visiting England, Scotland, Ireland and the Hebrides.
It will be my pleasure to play your instrument and enlighten folks there of
your quality work of art. I am sure your flute will be enjoyed by the great
many who are waiting to hear me play. After the UK tour is over, we will be
heading into Portugal, recording with Oliver Shanti. This is where your
flute could prove to be another blessing and I look forward to it.

Vicky and I thank you for your generosity and all that you are doing in your
positive contribution to the world of native flute music. We appreciate the
> raffle you put together and the wonderful flutes you have crafted for it,
along with the others who have contributed a part of themselves to make this
happen. You put a lot of hours of your life into each item and that is very special.

We are honored and happy to receive a JP Gomez Flute. Thank you, brother."

Charles Littleleaf



" Hi JP
I picked up the flute today.  Wow, what a flute.  It plays
so beautifully.  I love the mouthpiece.  It is so easy to transition
from single to drone.  It is awesome.  It will not take long to get used
to this wonderful sound!  It is difficult to stop playing.  I just want
to play and play and then play some more.  Thank you so very, very
much.  Gary just arrived and he loves it as much as I do.  We are very
grateful.  It will definitely be heard each time we perform.  How very
much we appreciate the lovely gift.
  May gentle breezes carry you
safely......Sarah and Gary."

Sarah Thomson & Gary Lemos


"I've never had the opportunity to meet JP in person, but can tell you that
from the myriad of emails over a long period of time, plus the instruments
of his that I've obtained, he makes a heck of a great instrument, he's a
heck of a great guy, and sincere as they come. I'm certain that if you
bought an instrument from him that you weren't totally satisfied with, he'd
fix it, exchange it, paint it, or stand on his head until you were happy in
one way or another. I can't say enough good about what I can feel in his
instruments. While I'm not one of those to be 'foo-foo' about blessing
flutes, praying over them, or that they are sacred, I do feel that in any
form of great craftsmanship, you can feel the love that the craftsman has,
when you touch the wood. It just has a special feel to it. I've felt it in
beadwork, leatherwork, and furniture. And in JP's flutes.
Good luck, and good playing!"
Douglas Spotted Eagle




"Once again you have outdone yourself.  You have put craftsmanship into your
flutes that none other can compare.  It is evident that you are not content
with the same ho hum flutes that others are making. 

And the continual updating you do on your site is proof of your desire to rise above the others..."





"JP and the the rest of the flutespirits,

*If you remember from one of my other posts, I was the one that bought the
Bear drone flute in the Key of F# and it is resting in a new cave, here at
our residence.

But I received today an even more , (if that is possible), beautiful made
flute as a wonderful addition.  You may have seen it as well on his web
site, it was called the Grandfather flute, the one with the Indian chief on
the end and Indian fetish with inlaid turquoise bands and stripes in the
headdress of the Indian carving at the foot of the flute.  It too is in the
key of E and some day I would like to play it with the buffalo flute in the
key of E that was described so well on this listserve. Ditto on this one as
well. So we will have to meet as I know there is a story out there

You have had a hard struggle when you began here in the United States, but I
admire your willingness not to give up, and now look at how you have been
blessed.  You are truly a master flute maker, and there are only really a
few of them anyway, so that is the highest compliment I can pay to you
publicly, and as you can tell I am not alone in telling you what a great
spirit you have and impart into the making of your flutes.  They reflect a
part of you .

I will always treasure our friendship more than the flutes, and look forward
to our paths crossing more frequently."
With Love
Trader Lee



"Great details !
Makes for better presentation of your awesome gift.
You have come a short and quick way from the mop-stick flute : )
Evolution celebrates the lifestream that you are ...
All the best !"

Jesse Kalu



"Hi JP,

       I'm so glad you have gifted us with your great drones. They absolutely sing with such a beautiful voice. I for one like the traditional sound as well as the sound of the drone. My drone you made just keeps amazing me with the sounds that keep coming out of it. Please keep up the great work that you're doing. I can't wait to see the last experiment you made on your site. Thanks so much for adding to my growth in my fl;ute journey."

Peace and Harmony, Dave

  David Loo


"There's a buffalo in our den!!! 
WOuldn't it figure that today, just having a feeling that it would be here,
I got stuck in three traffic jams on the highway. The box was there, and my mom did not give in to
the temptation to open it (she's such a child for being 78!)

It is absolutely amazing. How you make such detail boggles my mind! Your
attention to detail, the color of the wood, the smoothness. It is just
beyond comprehension. Even more so is the fact that I am so honored by
such an amazing gift.

The buffalo and I are going to chase the sunset"

Ever grateful JP Fan,



"Hello all fluties,

   WOW!!! Received my prize from JP Gomez, it's the
Eagle F# drone.
   It's a beautiful flute.  The voice is clear and well tuned.
The drone side has 2 tones, F# and an octave, which I've never heard in any other flute.
  His craftsmanship is perfect. You can see that he takes his time,when he makes a flute.
The fetish is flawless and unique.

     "This eagle will soar to the heavens and sing a beautiful song!!"

          Thank you JP, what a great gift."




When you start constructing new flutes, let me know.  I just finished
putting together my home studio about 3 weeks ago and I have 3 new songs
created and mixed.  This has been the first time I have really put my
flutes to the test.  I have discovered that most of my flutes are
unreliable.  They either water-out really quickly or the tonal
characteristics change to the point I can't control the notes like I need
to.  Out of 12 flutes, I only have about 4 that I can depend on.  The very
BEST of the group is the one I bought from you.  The tone sounds excellent
on the recordings and I can play for a long time without problems.  All the
notes are there and always are.  Your flute is the most reliable of my collection."

Gary Cope


"Hi JP
I just got the flute and it is wonderful!!! .. Looks great and really plays
great!!  It makes even a novice like me sound good.  Thanks so much my
Friend!!  On problem though .. I have 9 flutes but now I feel I only have
two .. the two wonderful flutes you created!!  You are definitely my flute
maker no doubt about it ... and as the budget allows I want to get more.
Thanks again for sharing your wonderful talents!!"

Les Cole : cole@ottawa.edu


Hi J.P.,

The carved BlackHawk flute in F# arrived today along with your CD.  I just wanted to make sure that you knew.

By the way, WHAT did you do to this piece???!!!!

I saw your other flutes on your website.  This is nothing like ANY of them!! 
I was COMPLETELY unprepaired for what came out of the box.

The quality, "feel", and yes, even "soul" of this piece is overwhelming. 
I can already feel myself being led by what it wants to create!
I've never played such a well-balanced instrument from stem, to stern. 
The flute's resistance is constant throughout it's full range, giving the sound a warm, "round and rolling" tonality. 
This was a surprise when I noted that the precision is not only fast-action, but almost intuitive, and very "forgiving".  Making just about anything I do on this piece sound many times more advanced than my present ability warrants.   Now all I need is a sheer rock-face by a valley....  :-)

This piece is ......  genius.
My other flutes are already being put into travel cases, as they have now been demoted to "knock-around" flutes. 
 Your piece will be for personal enjoyment, family, and special events ONLY!!!   (Man, now I'm going to have to buy more flutes from you!!!)

Your newest fan,
Ken Norris.

Kenneth C. Norris



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