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Beautiful One-of-a-Kind Carved and inlay Flute.
Rare and unique Ebony and Antique Ivory Eagle Flute in the Key of Am.

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Beautiful jet black African Gabon Ebony Flute body with
Victorian era rare African Elephant Ivory used for the carvings and inlay.

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Beautiful solid ivory detailed relief carving of an Eagle Feather on the flutebody,
with Mother-of-Pearl and Pink Coral on the top and surrounded with Blue Turquoise and Red Pipe Stone inlay.

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Large very detailed and finely carved ivory Eagle head with black onyx stone inlay for eyes.
Shown here next to a US quarter and European Euro for proportion and size of the solid piece of ivory used to carve the Eagle.

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Beautiful solid ivory piece and Italian Coral inlay mouth-piece followed by Turquoise and Walnut burl.

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Beautiful high instrument quality Walnut Burl bands inlay with the ebony wood body
with natural beautiful AZ blue Sleeping Beauty Turquoise bands (Six in total).

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Shaped as an Eagle Talon
the base of the Eagle head is carved out of inlay ebony
(detailed carved feathers are visible on it) and a beautiful piece of Walnut burl wood.

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Eight inlay ivory dots are placed around the bottom of the ebony Flute.
In between carved inlay ivory feather and burl walnut wood with wrapped by turquoise bands.

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Very long twisted leather tie which is jet black in color divided in eight strands.

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Added are Turquoise and Red Coral Arrows inlay on each side of the Eagle head.
Spiny Oyster and Turquoise triangle cabochon inlay in the back of the block as well.

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Ebony and rare antique African Elephant ivory flute.
Beautiful voice and tone. Carved inlay Eagle Flute in key of Am.