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Mary Youngblood Signature Inlay Hummingbird Flute

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"I love the new MY Signature flute- and have enjoyed working with JP Gomez for years!
JP is one of the most consistent flute maker I have ever worked with.

I can always count on the tonal quality & volume being spot on.
And he's the first to be recommended to my students, sight unseen even!

The sweetly carved 'bird' is a Hummingbird, and is important to the Alutiiq people- my people (on my moms side)
The inlay signature work is a treasure, and its been a joy working with this wonderful artist again!

"Quyanaa" (Alutiiq Thanks!) JP!!!

Mary Youngblood

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A very special Custom Turquoise inlay Hummingbird flute especially made for
two times Grammy Award winner and Emmy nominee Mary Youngblood.

Beautiful African Walnut Flute body inlay with inlay Arizona Turquoise bands.
Red Coral ruby-throated carved Hummingbird fetish with black Onyx eyes inlay

Mary Youngblood Signature is inlay with turquoise under he Flute body.
Twisted black Leather tie, turquoise cabochon, custom woven Flute bag.

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