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~  Special Flutes & Drones Gallery ~

Beautifully carved & inlay Flutes

New Custom Flutes
january 12th    2002

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Inlay "Peaceful Warrior" Low C Flute

Beautiful Inlay Aromatic Port Orford Cedar carved Indian Head Flute  

Two wide bands of Turquoise and Pipe stone inlay on each tip of the flute

Large beautiful Pipe stone / Malachite / turquoise inlay Kokopelli
and detail Walnut carved Indian head block with 14 krt Gold eyes
Beautiful tone and voice,
very easy confortable fingering

key of  Low  C m.              $450.00 / Sold!

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Lacewood Sea Turtle Flute
Beautiful Lacewood / Walnut / maple wood Flute  

Lacewood carved seaTurtle block
14krt Gold beads for the eyes.

key of  F# m.              ~Sold~

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Curly Redwood Black Hawk Flute
Beautiful Lacewood / Walnut / maple wood Flute  

Black Walnut carved Hawk head with black Onyx eyes block

key of  E m.             ~Sold~


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Inlay Port Orford Golden Eagle Flute
Beautiful Inlay Lacewood/Walnut Port Orford wood Flute  

Mosaic Kokopelli inlay  (Pipe stone / turquoise)
and detail Lacewood Golden Eagle carved Head block
with black Onyx stone eyes and burning for shading

key of  F m.             ~Sold~

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More unique Instruments coming up soon.....
You can e-mail me if you would like to found out what I have ready.



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