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~ Special Custom & Museum Flutes ~

Beautifully carved & inlay



All Heartsong Flutes includes a beautiful custom handmade carrying case

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~ Heartsong Customers that have purchased ~ 
Three or more Flutes get a 15% discount from regular listed price. "


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Custom inlay Bass D# white Snow Owl Flute

Beautiful D# (Eb) minor Walnut body Bass Flute with
Detail Carved White Snow Owl block with burned shading
Maple inlay bands with four directions Sun inlay in Red Coral and white Mother of pearl Bands (4)

Beautiful inlay Feather with Mother of Pearl and Turquoise
inlay Medicine wheel with Blue turquoise, Red Pipe stone Yellow Amber & Black Jet

Figured Maple carved White Snow Owl block with black Onyx stones for the eyes & fire shading

Gorgeous voice & tone

key of Bass Low D# (E.flat)m.                   SOLD

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Custom Inlay Magic Raven (Spirit Messenger) Flute
Beautiful F#minor Firgured Curly/Tiger Maple body inlay Flute with Lacewood tips 

Detail Carved Raven Block
(Inlay Medicine Shield in Pipe Stone, Amber, Jet Mother of Pearl, Turquoise)
Custom Inlay bands 

(Turquoise, Red Coral, Jet, Pipe Stone & Mother of Pearl)

Gorgeous voice & tone

key of F#m.                SOLD

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Heartline inlay Bear Flute
Beautiful F# minor black Walnut flute inlay
with Purple Heart and Curly Maple stripes

Beautiful Pipe Stone & mother of Pearl
inlay Heartline Bear Walnut block design

Gorgeous voice & tone

key of F#m.                    SOLD

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Walnut inlay Snow Owl Flute
Beautiful F minor Walnut and Curly figured Maple inlay tips and bands.
Figured Curly Maple inlay with Walnut Snow Owl block 
black Onyx for the eyes and shading

White Curly Maple inlay finger holes

key of Fm.                   SOLD

Gorgeous voice & tone

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Ambrosia Maple inlay Black Panther Flute

Beautiful F# minor Highly figured Ambrosia Maple flute
with Lacewood/Walnut inlay tips

Walnut carved
running Black Panther block design   
Beautiful inlay
Turquoise and Pipe stone flake bands
( Four directions)

key of F#m.                   SOLD

Gorgeous voice & tone

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Figured Curly Maple Running Horse Flute
Beautiful Figured Curly Maple Flute
and Black Walnut inlay tips & bands.

Black Walnut carved Running Horse block inlay with
white Mother of Pearl band on the block & Black Onyx stones for the eyes

key of F#m.                SOLD

Gorgeous voice & tone

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